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As of: 15/01/14 - 11:38


Temperature: 2.1  C Dewpoint: 0.8  C
Humidity: 91  % Wind chill: 2.1 C
Wind: SW at 0.0 km/hr THW index: 2.1 C
Barometer: 1009.3 hPa - Steady Heat index: 2.1  C
Today's rain: 0.0 mm Monthly rain: 2.8 mm
24 hour rain total: 0.0 mm Yearly rain: 2.8 mm
Current rain rate: 0.0 mm/hr    
Sunrise: 9:26 Sunset: 18:04


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Weather station description:

Model: Wireless Davis Vantage Pro,
City: Dudelange
Country: Luxembourg
Installation date: July 6th, 2003
Latitude: 49 29' 16" N
Longitude: 6 04' 48" E
Elevation: 308 m
Situation: Map

Weather Underground PWS IDUDELAN1

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